switch panel

PowerQuest controls all vehicle functions through Touch Screen and Solid State Switch Module.

PowerQuest Switch Panel is a complete stand alone system that replaces primitive mechanical “rocker” switches with state of the art Touch Screen using solid state digital switching technology.

Altronics has designed this system to help reduce all the costly options and features associated with multi-platform systems. This stand alone switch panel allows you to Press one button to start car, operate multiple electrical devices including water, fuel, fan, lights, ignition and other options.

  • Automatic switches can be time delayed to turn on after Start button is pressed. This allows for easier engine cranking before ignition and fuel is enabled with less risk of flooding.
  • Resettable solid state fuse allows you to preset 1-30amps on each channel. (No more replacing blown fuses)
  • Switches can be Limit programmed. (Ex. Water pump will turn on when the Engine Temperature is above 120 degrees)
  • Switches feature soft start option to eliminate in-rush current when load is first turned on.
  • Switches can be set to Momentary or Toggle. 
  • Works with gloves.
  • 8 Channel Standard.
  • Optional 16 channel expandable/upgradable.

PowerQuest is completely setup through included touch screen display and does not require a PC.

Programmable coded Lock Screen prevents access to system Each channel is individually configurable
Touch Screen Dimensions - 8"x5"x0.75"
Switch Panel Module - 6"x5"'1.25"
6 preset channels 1-30 amp
2 user defined channels 1-30 amp
16 channel version allows for 10 user defined channels 1-30 amp
Water Temperature sensor included 0-300 degrees.

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PowerQuest Switch Panel


PowerQuest Touch Screen Switch Panel

Price: $699.99
ALT-PQSWP-16 PowerQuest 16 System

PowerQuest with 16 Channels.  10 channels can be user defined.

Price: $989.99
PowerQuest 16 Channel Upgrade

PowerQuest 16 channel upgrade.  Allows for a total of 16 channels. Additional 8 channels can be user programmed with label, fusing level up to 30 Amp, momentary or toggle, soft start and auto turn on.

Price: $399.99
Roll Bar Mount 1.625"

Roll bar mount for touch screen 1.625"   other sizes available - contact for more info

Price: $99.99