The O2WBC Wideband Oxygen Sensor Controller accurately measures the Air/Fuel ratio of your engine and easily integrates with data acquisition, dyno, and engine management systems. The O2WBC provides a calibrated linear 0-5 volt output and 0-1 volt output to simulate a factory narrow band signal. Optional Air/Fuel gauge is available for in dash viewing.
  Features :
Compatible with aftermarket data acquisition and engine managament systems
Accurate to 0.1 AFR
Wideband Oxygen Sensor sensor included
0-5v calibrated linear output
0-1v calibrated factory output
Durable extruded aluminum enclosure
Air/Fuel Gauge (optional)
Serial data output (optional)
Air/Fuel Controller and Sensor

O2 Controller with 1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor

Price: $399.99
Air/Fuel Digital Gauge

Air/Fuel gage (optional) Call for more info

Price: $0.00
O2 Sensor Bung

O2 Sensor Bung - Stainless Steel

Price: $14.99