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Model  Rate
PerformAIRE Non Paging/Handhelds  $95
PerformAIRE Paging  $135
DataQuest  $175
PowerQuest  $135
PowerLite  $200
Shift $175
Other Product (will contact with estimate) TBD
Product under Warranty $0

Any system manufactured before 2014           

Systems built before 2014 may not be repairable

For other systems please contact via email for quote.

Warranty repairs will be shipped ground at no charge within 30 days of purchase (Invoice required, include with shipment).

Standard Service Charges include Calibration/Software/Firmware update ONLY.

Standard Service Charges do NOT include replacement parts or additional service.

You will be contacted if fees exceed standard service fee.

                                     Approximate lead time on standard service (update/calibration) is 1 week. Older and/or damaged systems may take longer.

                                                          Package all shipments properly and securely, follow guidelines provided by shipping company.


                                                           **We are not responsible for any charges incurred for packages returned for customs issues.**

                                                                                   ***Do NOT ship any packages collect, they will be refused***

After you complete order you will receive an email with order details, please print order and include it in your shipment!

Ship to:

Altronics Inc

1411 S. Roselle Rd

Schaumburg, IL 60193

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SKU: Alt-Service

Shipping Method (cost based on 3lb $100 value US shipped package. Actual cost may vary based on package size, value, location:
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Serial # (from back of unit)

NOTES::Please describe any issues you are having with your item, also include any additional services or products you require