O2Alert Air/Fuel Recorder


The O2alertis the first data recording system specifically designed to record Air/Fuel Ratios with a warning output! Not only does it record up to 2 Wideband Oxygen sensors but it also records engine RPM , battery voltage, and has a programmable Warning output to protect against "lean-out".

Unit is housed in a durable aluminum extrusion with backlit display and is only 4"x3.25"x1.25".

Standard System comes with 1 wideband sensor, engine RPM (does NOT require additional rpm module as with other systems), Battery Voltage, Warning output, and software.

System has options for 1 additonal built in wideband oxygen sensor, plus (EGT) thermocouple, plus 2 analog channels (RPM, pressure, flow, position, external wideband (see our part # ALT-OWBC), etc..., or A/F voltage output).

The Warning output can be used to activate warning light, enable fuel enrichment, shut down NOS or ignition, retard timing, etc.
Recording can be started by preset RPM value or switch.
Adjustable sample rates up to 100 samples per second.
Custom configurations available. Call for info.
Systems are upgradable.
All recorded data can be played back on unit or downloaded and graphed on a PC. PC NOT REQUIRED!


Optional remote Digital Gauge 2 1/16"


Download to a PC to view all data graphically. Software is Windows compatible. Allows viewing of any or all recorded channels, zoom and pan, overlay runs, smooth data, and printing of graphs.


O2Alert Air/Fuel Recorder

O2Alert System with 1 Wideband Oxygen Sensor (Includes downloading cable and graphing software)

Price: $469.99
DUAL O2Alert Air/Fuel Recorder

O2ALERT  System with Dual Wideband Oxygen Sensor

Price: $718.99
ALT-OA-2 Image Not Available O2Alert Upgrade to Dual system

Additional sensor and harness to convert single Wideband system to a Dual system.

Price: $249.99

EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple (Weld-in) (optional)

Price: $99.99
EGT Clamp-on

EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Thermocouple (Clamp-on) (optional)

Price: $99.99
30PSI Pressure

Pressure sensor measures 0-30psi (optional)

Price: $249.99
300PSI Pressure

Pressure sensor measures 0-300psi (optional)

Price: $249.99
2500PSI Pressure

Pressure sensor measures 0-2500psi (optional)

Price: $249.99
Vacuum -15 - 60 PSIA

Manifold Pressure sensor measures vacuum to 50psi (optional)

Price: $249.99
Drive Shaft RPM 1.875" Ring

Drive Shaft RPM Sensor includes Small Ford 1.87" Pinion Ring and Bracket(optional)

Price: $249.99
Drive Shaft RPM 2.187" Ring

Drive Shaft RPM Sensor includes Large Ford 2.19" Pinion Ring and Bracket(optional)

Price: $249.99
Replacement O2 Sensor

Replacement Oxygen Sensor - THese sensors are made and calibrated specifically for the Altronics systems.  Using "off the shelf" replacement sensors will NOT operate properly.

Price: $119.99
O2 Sensor Bung

O2 Sensor Bung - Stainless Steel

Price: $14.99
ALT-OA-AO Image Not Available A/F Voltage Output for gauge or ECU

0-5volt Air/Fuel Voltage Output for gauge or ECU input (optional)

Price: $99.99
ALT-OA-AC Image Not Available Input Cable for 0-5volt signal

0-5 volt input cable (optional)

Price: $99.99