4500 Restrictor Plate Systems

4500 Dominator Plate System

4500 Dominator system offers a two-piece modular design. This two-piece spacer design offers a far more precise way to machine the part. This avoids the mismatched machining caused when trying to machine the slot to the plate nesting pocket. The two plates are sealed with a Viton O-ring that creates a perfect seal once the carburetor is fastened to the intake manifold. The two-piece design offers a much more economical option if the system is damaged.

Each Plate System Includes:

  • 4500 Dominator Two Piece Modular Spacer
  • 20 Restrictor Plates selected for your application
  • Compatible with PerformAIRE and RaceWORKS prediction systems
ALT-RPSYS-4500 Image Not Available Restrictor Plate Systems

Restrictor Plate Systems - includes 20 plates, click View More to enter plate information.

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Price: $499.99
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ALT-RPSYS-4500-Size Image Not Available 4500 Restrictor Plate

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Price: $12.00
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