PerformAIRE Predictor


Now you can use  PerformAIRE's Powerful Prediction methods with your own Weather Gauges!


The PerformAIRE PREDICTOR allows you to have all of the PerformAIRE weather stations prediction features and use your existing weather gauges.

Patent #5,509,295
Invented and Manufactured By

ET Prediction
Throttle Stop Prediction 
Sea Level ET
Wind Correction
Throttle Stop Ratio
Density Altitude
Dew Point
Vapor Pressure
Data Entry Keypad
Large LCD Display
Stores 60 Runs w/Time/Date
3 Data Bases
Run Completion
Bad Run Detection
1 Run Predictions
Multiple Variable Predictions

The PerformAIRE PREDICTOR contains 3 data bases that allows for storage of runs and then uses this data to automatically predict ETs and Throttle Stop/TIMER Settings. Data bases can be custom labeled for different cars, tracks, or setups.

You can enter in temperature, humidity, barometric pressure or altimeter readings along with your vehicles performance times and the PREDICTOR will automatically calculate your ET or Throttle Stop settings along with many other performance factors.

The PerformAIRE PREDICTOR has the same prediction features as the PerformAIRE weather stations such as 1 run and multiple run prediction, wind correction, and allows for user to use preset or custom ratios for ET and/or Throttle stop predictions and select fuel type.

Wind Correction allows predictions to be corrected for wind speed and direction. User can select from multiple car body types and "tune" the wind effects to the vehicle with adjustable settings.

You can also base your prediction on the PerformAIRE's patented Density Altitude Algorithm or Vapor Pressure.

The PerformAIRE PREDICTOR is also upgradabe to a PerformAIRE!



Performance Predicting Computer

Performance Predicting Computer

Price: $339.99