PerformAIRE Pocket

Patent #5,509,295
Invented and Manufactured By



Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure
Density Altitude (Proprietary)
Grains of Water
Vapor Pressure
Dew Point
Horsepower Correction Factor
Wind Speed Wind Gust
Saves Time/Date Stamped Weather Sample
Lanyard Carry Strap 
AA battery included  

PerformAIRE POCKET is a handheld Racing Weather Station that includes ALTRONICS Patented PerformAIRE weather sensing and performance calculating technology. 

Unlike other brands that are claimed to be for racing the PerformAIRE's Patented calculations are based on measuring horsepower and performance of an internal combustion engine. 

Ultrasonic technology accurately measures wind speed and gust with no moving parts that can break or wear out. Simply to use Joystick controls all functions. 

Bright color LED display allows for day and night use.  Accurate and Fast response time.

Dimensions: 5"x2.5"x0.75"

Pocket sized weather station.

Pocket sized weather station.

Price: $289.99