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Motor sports most accurate and only patented weather station the PerformAIRE V6.0 air quality computer monitors the temperature, absolute barometric pressure, relative humidity, and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere through its state of the art electronic sensors. This information is transmitted into a microprocessor where density altitude, oxygen altitude, and predicted values are calculated and displayed to incredible accuracy through exact scientific equations formulated specifically for internal combustion engines (verified by authorities in atmospheric research).

Patent #5,509,295
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Ultra Quick Response
Relative Humidity
Absolute Pressure
Dew Point
Vapor Pressure/Grains Of Water (GOW)
% Oxygen*
Density Altitude
Oxygen Altitude*
Data Entry Keypad
Large LCD Display
Stores 400 Runs
10 Data Bases
ET Prediction
Last Air Sample Hold
Run Completion
Bad Run Detection
Throttle Stop Prediction
Throttle Stop Ratio
Last Air Sample Hold
1 Run Predictions
Wind Correction
Multiple Variable Prediction

Sea Level ET

Data Analysis*
A density altitude measurement can easily be off many hundred feet when considering a change in the percent of oxygen in the atmosphere. The optional oxygen sensing capability allows the PerformAIRE to measure the percent of oxygen in the atmosphere. By knowing the density and the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere the PerformAIRE can calculate the exact amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, which directly relates to performance.

The PerformAIRE computer contains a data base that allows for storage of runs and then uses this data to automatically predict ETs, Throttle Stop Settings, Jet Sizes, etc. The predicted values are continually updated with each new sample of air. The density altitude and oxygen altitude will automatically be stored with each run if an oxygen sensor has been installed. The stored runs are also tagged with a time and date stamp to allow for later referencing. The expandable data base is capable of storing hundreds of runs and will allow those runs to be stored in separate data bases, which can be labeled for specific cars or tracks.

The PerformAIRE V6.0 is packed with the same prediction capabilities as the original PerformAIRE, but also allows for 1 run predictions with preset and user defined ratios, multiple weather variable predictions (density altitude, oxygen altitude, air density ratio, correction factor, dew point, and vapor pressure), and corrects prediction for wind effects, which are customizable.

The PerformAIRE computer's data base can be downloaded into a PC. One click of a mouse can download the data directly into a spreadsheet where the runs will be automatically charted showing a visually relationship between your cars performance and the changing atmosphere. This allows for the easy removal of bad runs from a database and more accurate predictions.

Besides all the added features and ease of use, there is one main reason why the PerformAIRE air quality computer is superior to all other weather stations/calculators. First one must ask themselves, what is the most important capability a weather station must possess? We hope you would answer the ability to accurately and repeatedly measure the atmosphere one is racing in. A weather station without this quality is useless.

Detecting small changes in the atmosphere or using inaccurate measurements can be the difference between winning and losing. As little as a 100 foot change in density altitude can noticeably change the performance of an automobile. Most racers do not realize that a minor change in the atmosphere can equate to a major change in density or oxygen altitude. On average, a 1degree change in temperature, a 0.1 inHg change in pressure, a 10% change in humidity, or a 0.1% change in oxygen can be more than a 100 foot change in altitude. Instruments being used in other weather stations have variables that make it impossible to measure the atmosphere at a level needed to predict the performance of a racecar. These inaccuracies can stem from a personÕs inability to correctly distinguish what the instrument is reading, the effect temperature has on the instrument, and the instruments accuracy/repeatability ratings.

The following examples further explain common errors found by using other weather stations.

Ex: Ask five people to tell you what the same dial temperature meter is reading and they will all give you a different number.

Ex: Most racers do not consider the effect a change in temperature can have on an uncompensated digital or mechanical barometer or hydrometer. A barometer calibrated at 70 degrees measures 29.00inHg. Then it is exposed to the heat of 90 degrees, but with the same pressure. The components that make up this barometer can expand or contract causing it to measure 29.25inHg. An error of 0.25inHg would cause over a 250' Density Altitude error. Since changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, and % oxygen do not equate linearly with altitude, it is unfeasible to state that an inaccurate or non calibrated instruments will produce correct results. A temperature gage that always measures 5 degrees high in temperature will not allow for accurate predictions.

When trying to use standard weather instruments (digital or mechanical) one would be lucky to compute density altitude within a few hundred feet of the actual.

The PerformAIRE air quality computer's state of the art sensors allow it to measure density altitude with an accuracy of better than plus or minus 50 feet over the entire temperature range and with even closer repeatability. No other weather station, digital or mechanical, can claim this degree of accuracy. Not even other all in one digital weather station has this degree of accuracy!


Download/Data Analysis Kit

Automatically generates graph that show bad runs and how data effects predictions.

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PerformAIRE weather systems are upgradable. Options can be added.
Check out our trailer based systems! PerformAIRE PRO or the PerformAIRE ECLIPSE handheld






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Oxygen sensor equipped **CONTINGENCY ITEM**

Oxygen sensor equipped **CONTINGENCY ITEM**

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